Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ancestral Memories

Photo by PJ, Honolulu, Hawaii 2009
The Diamond Head Crater, Oahu, Hawaii, a place I recognized immediately from what I had seen as a child and up.

Several members of my family has experienced what one would have to call ancestral memories. For instance my mother told me as a child, again and again she had seen this open landscape in her mind, filled with berry marches, shrubs, bushes, streams and lush plants of all sorts.

Then ehen she became an adult she moved to what is still her current place of living, in Northern Norway. She immediately recognized the landscape she had been seeing all these years. She had never seen it before other than in her mind, and she had not even ever met her grandfather but she knew this was where he lived, haunted wildlife, gathered berries and went fishing, she felt like she had actually come home.

I have myself had similar experiences, when I first went to Oslo as a 17 year old I immediately recognized the older parts which several of my ancestors used to dwell inn, I recognized the streets well enough that I was even able to orient myself showing my aunt which had not been there either how to get around the city. went abroad I suddenly found all these places my seafaring ancestors has been to before me, I was able to recognize it as images of areas that I had seen in my mind before, not pictures in books but real landscape, memories with smells, sounds, the feeling of the winds attached to them. Some of them I even painted as a kid in great details, down to the type lava rocks that does not exist in Norway.

Was these experiences reincarnation or past life regressions? Perhaps ancestral memories are part of the same or they might be different, could it even have been remote viewing or other psychic phenomena involved, possibly. To me it felt like the information was from my relatives of the past, not some disjunct existing person not related to me in any way.

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