Friday, October 8, 2010

My family has a long history of Ghost Hunting

 Photo by PJ, Honolulu, Hawaii 2005
A family is like the rocks of this wall, every rock is part of a larger whole, if one remove a few rocks the wall would change, perhaps making the wall crumble, perhaps the rocks took a different path becoming the foundation to a home, or never left the nature it used to part of. 

Growing up in a very active house, surrounded by a family which took spirits for granted. I knew from a early age about all of these stories of those before me and how they used to encounter, seek out and help the spirits of anyone which requested them to do so.

The most prominent ones were my grandfather and his brother (The Psychic Ghosthunter Twins) on my fathers side. While my grandfather knew spirits, my grand uncle saw, together they were quite a team and very well known for their talent. They found their ability to sense spirits when they were just a little boys. Not only did they know and see the spirit, but also knew how to help them, chase them away if it was being troublesome or even give them sanctuary in case of nice spirits that were being pestered by the new inhabitants of his or her old home. Which is one of the reasons my grandfather's home had so many spirits to begin with. Whenever there was a haunting they were called to help, I never met my grand uncle but my grandfather kept on taking care of ghosts long after their ways split apart. Even at the age of 94 my grandfather still helped settle the restless ghost of his son-in-law when it was scaring his newest great grand child.

I do not know if there was others before my grandfather, in my family but I am pretty sure there was a few, seeing how common the ability of psychic talents and spirit sense seems to be among my close current living relatives.

I also have Ghost hunters on my mothers side, my mother being one of them, even though my mother never searched out ghosts they usually came to her and she helps them out. And her grandmother, my great grandmother were also a known source when it came to handling ghosts. So put it mildly, I have it in my blood.

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