Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Skeptic Psychic

Photo by PJ, Honolulu, Hawaii 2005

Those that knows me, know that I am an open-minded skeptic, what far fewer know is that I am also a strong psychic, since this is something that I do not flaunt in my everyday life. Though it did not always use be this way, back when I was younger (Read: Growing-up as a psychic) I did not always understand that not everyone around me was psychic too.

For those that like to put someone in a neat box I am a strong Claircognizant Empathic Medium and Healer. But more so than a psychic I am foremost a skeptic, whenever I have a vision, vibe or experience I always go trough a long array of alternative possibilities in my mind and If I find any alternative possible non-paranormal solution or a way to check up on my experience in a controlled manner I would do so. My friends considers me to be one of the most down to earth and logical people they know. Also I think one always should keep ones mind on what one want to achieve, and what I consider to be my goal in life, to make it better thus, if I see a way that I can help in anyway I do.

As a young psychic child I went through a period of my life when I studied everything I could about the paranormal, while also at the same time studying religions and science of all sorts. At this time I actually refused to read fiction since I considered it to be of little use. It felt good to explore oneself and at the same time find examples that one was not alone in the world with the gift, other than in my immediate family, since my mother, grandfather, and several of my aunts and cousins are psychics. Though none of them actually studied the field like I did.

During my early studies, I read and tried out all the different fields from A to Z, or A to Å in the norwegian alphabet. Some parts I did not dwell into was anything that I considered to be questionable, dangerous or would open up doors to evil, like conjuring of spirits, Ouija-boards, demons, or fields that I had a hard time understanding how they could see it to possible have a influence in ones life, like the significance of the numeric values on ones name in the field of numerology.

Later in High School I was confident enough that I would do readings for at first friends and later anybody at my school that was curious in my hometown of Vadsø in Northern Norway. Mainly focusing on my favorite tools, palm reading, tarot cards, and using my natural ability to notice and see things of past, present and future. What shocked me when I first started doing readings was how easily people would basically accept almost anything and give feedback in the readings, adding additional information that I had not gained using my own psychic ability. This is what is often referred to as cold readings information, while what my ability provided me with is called hot reading information. At this point I got confirmed my own skeptic view of the paranormal that many people, especially those that do seek those that claim to have ESP (extra sensory perception) would also be those most easily fooled by any psychics that would be either using all cold readings or hot readings with various degrees of cold readings to make their readings more sensational than it otherwise would have been.

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