Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Curse of the Lava Rocks

Photo by PJ, Honolulu, Hawaii 2009

I think it is safe to assume that, most people that have ever been to the garden state of Hawaii has some knowledge of the legend of the lava rocks. For those  who are not aware of this legend, I will explain it to you in as much detail as I can.

In Hawaiian mythology one have a Fire Goddess that is the creator of volcanoes. She protects the volcano islands of Hawaii and the lava rocks that came from volcanoes on all islands of the state. Her name is Pele. As legend has it, if you take a lava rock out of Hawaii, Pele becomes angered and you will have bad luck in your life until the rock is returned to it's rightful place. It is also illegal to take lava rocks away from the islands.

I have a friend who, was hiking on the big Island with his Mother and I. His auntie lived in California. She thought Hawaii was so beautiful she wished she could take a little bit of Hawaii home with her and she did just that. she packed one of the lava rocks and took it home with her. She did not know about the legend so she thought nothing at all about taking the rock home to California. Once she got home, her bad luck started. She lost her job, her car was stolen, her rent was increased and she became ill. All with in two weeks of being home. She called her sister and as they were talking about things her sister asked her if she might have taken a lava rock back home with her. When she said yes, she did take one home, her sister told her to mail it back to her at once and she explained the legend to her.

Now, she did as her sister had asked and mailed the rock back to her in Hawaii.
Once the rock arrived here it was taken and put back where it was taken from. My friend's Auntie started to have good luck again almost right away. Her illness was gone, she found a great job and, she was able to find a nice place at lower rent then what she was paying. Also, within a week after the rock was returned, she met the man that would become her husband. So if you go to Hawaii, go ahead and admire it's beauty and have a great time. Just leave the lava rocks here where they belong. I also found out that Hawaii is not the only place where taking volcanic rocks are supposed to bring you bad luck, the Island of Iceland in Europe has the same happen to them though they do not have a volcano goddess as in Hawaii they have a belief that the land itself would curse you, it is also illegal to take rocks from Iceland just like in Hawaii too.

You can find more information on the lava rock legends and read about what some had to say when they returned the lava rock to it's rightful place after their.

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  1. I can not believe you would write an article like this. It is true that people mail these Lava rocks back because of what they thought was bad luck brought on by bringing a lava rock from Hawaii, but are you aware that you actually posted that you believed there was a woman, or some kind of God or Goddess living inside of the fire that can overcome the natural process of nature and events and zap you with some kind of voodoo? If you believe this, then you are the exact same as a devil worshiper. You would have been better off to stick with the 'It is illegal to take rocks from the islands and Hawaii Five-0 will come to your home on the mainland and bust your door down and fill you full of lead' I can tell you that although the possibility of this is so small it can not be measured, it is more than 10 billion to the 10 billionth power more likely to happen that a Goddess of Lava will bring you bad luck or make a lightning bolt come hit your ass or something.
    Please be careful with your wording in the future. Yes, leave the lava rocks. Because you are not supposed to. If you bring one however, you are breaking the law.. you will not have any more bad luck that Bill Gates did when he realized he was going to make some money with something called Microsoft.

  2. I think the confusion was because I didn't use the wording correctly. It should have said hawaiian mythology. That has already been corrected. I thank you for bringing the error to my attention however, you could have done it in a nicer way. You do not have to tell me to be more careful in my wording . I am human just like you and everyone else and as all humans do, I also make mistakes. It was an honest mistake and you are the only person to complain about it. I am NOT a devil worshiper and resent being called one. I can take constructive criticism any time and I welcome it. However, what you wrote is not constructive in any way.

  3. My grandparents brought me back a rock from a volcano when I was young and I still have it. This is a cute little myth, nothing more.