Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Case of Paranoid Telepathy

Photo by PJ, Norway 2001
Lets start with the part when everything became bizzare. I was asking a friend of mine what was wrong and he kept saying. "They are out to kill me, they are out to kill me!" It all happened too fast to realize what was going on, but then it all makes sense, the instant he shares with me that he had taken ecstasy Mixed with his alcohol intake and who knows what else might have been in the pill he was now in a paranoid phase, and he could hear the others plotting against him being killed in his mind.

Now lets back up a bit to one hour earlier in that very same night, my friend already had a bit too much to drink and had managed to step on quite a lot of the party guests toes, both on the dance floor and with offset words while under the influence. I had just stepped out over to the neighbor building to pick up another of our friends to help remove him from the party before he made even more of a fool out of himself, when we returned, and asked the closest guest where our friend was located he told us that he think he had seem him last heading towards the bathroom.

Half way up the hallway we hear a scream, and what sounded like something falling bringing parts of the room with itself the inside of the small bathroom. With the help of another guest we manage to unlock the bathroom and find our drunk friend passed out on the floor covered in dust and debris from the ceiling, it looked like he had literally tried to climb out of the bathroom by climbing through the ceiling using the sink as a stand, slipped and caused part of the very same ceiling to collapse down on him. We dusted him off and asked if he was OK, he answered us briefly, and seemed unharmed, and cooperatively followed us as we began extracting him over to the neighbor building to let him sober up, away from the party that he already had made a pretty good mess out of.

But no later than we get him half way down the hallway towards the exit he spots one of the other guests a mutual friend of all of us, which waves at us, clearly enjoying the party, our friend break loose from our supportive grip, and does a 5 meter long ferocious sprint while screaming and with a closed fist jump up and hit our friend in the face. Before we again catch up with him and prevent him from battering our other friend even more.

After this it became more bizarre, I had not had anything to drink and neither did my other friend which got involved. As a telepath I already knew there was a lot of anger in the minds of the other guests and while my friend went on rambling about what he thought the others was doing I noticed his thoughts were rambling on, and I felt he tried to read my mind too, I responded instantly by shouting in my mind for him to stay away from my thoughts, he jumped back in response. I was certain that what he experienced was real, in some level it had opened up his mind to hearing the angry thoughts of all the ones around him, not being use to this and in an already paranoid state he became convinced they weren't only thinking about killing him, but was actually trying to do so.

The next few hours went on working on calming him down, repeatedly using forced docileness and convince him that no one was out to kill him, after I managed to get him away from the party to one of the other buildings where my other friend helped him we were finally able to calm him down. At one point he even asked me if I thought he was crazy. To that I responded, you are obviously not in your best state of mind, you will feel better when you sober up.

All of this must seem impossible to someone that does not have telepathic or even empathic abilities like myself, but I can assure you this was no joke. It was as real as it could get. Eventually he calmed enough down that we were able to bring him home, the next day he had forgotten pretty much everything of the happenings of the night before.

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