Monday, October 4, 2010

Miracles - Gift of Tongue - Xenoglossy

Photo by PJ, Honolulu, Hawaii 2008

 This experience, the gift of tongue was something a close friend of mine experienced. His experience was not like when Pentecostals speak in tongue and fall into a trance babbling words which have no meaning, contributed to be by the divine inspiration of the holy ghost. In my friends experience, which was for a period of three month five years ago, given the gift to read and understand any modern or ancient language, the scientific term for this is Xenoglossy.

It all happened when suddenly a voice spoke in his mind, telling it had a gift of knowledge for, the gift of understanding languages, and this gift was only a small part of the greatness he could gain by the power of the divine. Naturally he did not believe this to be so, but over the next days I noticed my friend was singing songs in ancient Latin, and when I helped him with translating it was indeed ancient nursery rhymes, hymns and such.

I also helped him test the gift by reading ancient Aramaic and Sumerian texts that had been translated and was available online as pictures, and with the translation, in every case he seemed to accurately read the texts with ease like he knew those languages fluently. I am no scholar of languages but in a few of the texts it even seemed he found the wording in the translations were indeed slightly off, which he claimed was because the scholars had mistranslated some of the words and sentences.

When it came to modern languages he described that it felt like the illusion of languages was removed, he wrote letters in Portuguese and said he could hear the true meaning in any spoken word regardless of what tongue they where spoken in, he especially remembering listening to a group of Chinese youth that were chattering among themselves and even-though he had never studied mandarin Chinese he knew what they were speaking and what type of Chinese tongue this was.

The voice that spoke, which also gave it's name soon proved not to be the good it claimed to be, but even after he denounced it and refused to accept its "gift". He described how he had to work really hard to avoid using the gift of tongue until it slowly dispatched into normal language skills. When I checked the name with him it proved to of an ancient Sumerian entity of evil, demonic, I will not repeat the name and avoid remembering it because such evil could be awakened if one open up the door that was to shut back 5 years ago. This is in part of another of my entries, The Possessed Role Play Game Book.

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