Thursday, February 3, 2011

Anger Triggered Premonitions

Being a psychic sometimes bring glimpses of a future one do not want to see come into effect, often in the form of a flash of information showing a near possible future, which would be put in effect if one follow trough with a emotional response like pushing someone.

So far I have always backed away whenever I see this kind of premonitions, since one would hate to see a loved one injured because of a rash act in the heat of the moment, like giving someone a push which could have caused them to fall and get seriously injured even die. Perhaps if more people would see the cause and effect before it actually happens such heat of the moment accidents would been less in our world.

A few times I have used premonitions in self-defense, one example of this happened in Norway a few years ago, a group of three guys followed me and was making threats, I ignored them and followed my same walk while they followed, and this was during the winter so it was really slippery. In the premonition I knew that the leader of the three would come forward in front of me trying to trip me and in doing so I could easily disable him by pushing my leg a few inches to the side in the instant he would do so, and behold, as the premonition came through I could without any effort trip the guy that was trying to trip me, causing him to slip and fall on the ice, and the other two joined him falling while trying to help him up. The three thugs never tried to approach me again.

My mother has also described similar premonitions and how she used it to break up bar brawls between guys two and three times her size, knowing exactly what they were going to do and how to counter it in order to make the premonition cause both parts to be immobilized with almost no effort, and also at the same time causing the bullies to be paralyzed in surprise.

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