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Curses, Evil Eyes, Hexes and Jinxes

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I think as long as there has been people on this Earth there has been curses, to my knowledge every culture have them, and even our modern society still at least in part still warn us about the taboos (like in Samoan Curfew, and The Sacred Power of the Ti leaf) that might cause your luck to turn badly. Which is why I would like to bring a few examples of well known curses and forms of bad luck.

The closest to an attempted curse must have been back a few years ago when a homeless person totally at random stopped me at the street and gave one erie statement, that he would see me three more times, and the third time I would be decapitated, being a psychic I found that an odd statement to make, but who knows what goes on in a crazy persons mind, still it does make you stop and think.

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The Evil Eye, the most well known to be using the evil eye are the gypsies, how much of this is actually real and how much is more the cloak of superstition and fear among those that were not gypsies themselves I do not know, still the effect seems to be as real as any, many people all over the world still fear for getting handled the evil eye from strangers that they might have insulted. Also it is common in several of the Mediterranean countries (Italy, Greece and Turkey) to wear charms and talismans to ward of the Evil Eye. Another One good example of the evil eye would be the story that was shared with us back a few months ago called Never Be Mean To A Stranger.

A Hex is more direct use of spells (or witchcraft) rather than just evil will to do harm as ganding is powered by or the supposed powers of the evil eye. In a hex one often using ritualistic magic in order to do harm, objects like in the hexes in voodoo mixing both religious, and magical aspects for the purpose of placing a hex on someone. In Attacked by Black Magic I describe how my family and I were hexed, and then broke this using reversal prayers and binding to repel the evil. 

Ganding is a type of malicious hexes that is well known in Northern Norway, especially among The Sami people (indigenous norwegians). Basically this involves someone reading a curse over someone handing the equivalent of the evil eye, making them followed with bad luck usually in the form of a disease. My father was one to frequently putting ganding on those he did not like, but I was never sure how much of the neighbors bad luck was just coincidental and how much could actually have been bad luck from this type of curse. Though my Mother did believe she was put under ganding after she left him. Ganding is in many ways the directly opposite the norwegian type of healing called lœsing (blood-stopping) which my mother does.

Jinxes are more random strains of bad luck that may be caused by ones own ill-doing, may this be angering nature as something causes the curse one example of this is the Hawaiian and Icelandic Lava Rock Curses, or the negative energies attached of some numbers like described in the entry 13th Myth or Reality?, I think we have all experienced times where one feel jinxed, where things keep piling up as fate brings more troubles in your path.

In Norway we have a saying, "En ulykke kommer sjelden alene" (directly translated this means An accident is seldom arriving alone) basically meaning the same as "Misery loves company". The common rule is one would expect to see three cases of strikingly bad luck in a row and usually within the same day.

So to conclude keep yourself safe and do your best to avoid yourself to become the subject of a curse, or a random jinx.

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