Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ronnie's Credit Cards

Illustration by PJ 2011

My younger cousin Ronnie is a real good guy. He is smart, kind, and would never do anything to hurt anyone. However, Ronnie always did have one major problem, Ronnie could never save money. If Ronnie had a nickel in his pocket or in his bank account, he just had to spend it somewhere. This always caused a rift between Ronnie and his parents. As Ronnie became of age, he applied for three different credit cards and, he was approved for all three of them. Well Ronnie was on top of the world. Little did he know that in less then two years from then, His world would come crashing down. He went out and  maxed all three of the cards out. As it turned out he couldn't afford to pay the credit cards off.

Well, Ronnie's dad became very angry and even though his dad knew it was not the best thing for Ronnie, His dad paid all three of Ronnie's credit cards off for him. He tried his best to get Ronnie to understand the importance of saving money and not spending every cent he made. About two weeks after Ronnie's dad paid his credit cards off for Ronnie. His dad had a heart attack and died. The death of his dad really upset Ronnie and he knew at that point he had to straighten up and fly right because he knew if he didn't, he would sink and sink hard.

Ronnie did well for about six months and then a little at a time  he got back into his old ways. All three of his credit cards were maxed out again. Ronnie didn't know what to do and a bankruptcy was out of the question. He tried to borrow from the bank but they turned him down for a loan. One night when Ronnie went to bed he spoke to his dad by way of prayer and ask him what to do and he told his father he was so sorry for getting that far in debt and if he could get out of debt this time he would never again get in debt and  then he just fell off to sleep.

When Ronnie woke up the next morning, he got ready for his day and as he grabbed his wallet to see if he had any money for his morning coffee, he noticed all three credit cards were not in his wallet. He looked around and on a table  he saw all three credit cards cut in half. When he went for the mail, two of his credit card's had a zero balance on his statements.

He knew his mother couldn't have paid them off as she really had no money to speak of. Even though ronnie still had one credit card balance to pay off and he did over time. Ronnie is sure that somehow his dad paid the credit cards off even though he had passed on and no one can prove he didn't so, I have heard of stranger things happening. Ronnie never again had any credit cards. However, his dad made sure he knew the importance of saving his money.

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