Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Half a Face

Illustration "Half a face" by PJ 2011

This one is in from Charles and it really made me think about what some people go through because of what they experience or at least in some cases what they think they experience. I can only guess as to if this story is real or just in the mind of Dale who was Charles's brother

Charles and Dale were two boys that were born two years apart. Charles being the oldest of the two took care of his little brother just like all older brothers do and since the boys were the only two children in the family they very close. Both boys had a very good relationship with their mother and Charles had a good relationship with their father however, Dale and his dad just did not get along.

From the time the boys were very young their father just treated Dale different then the way he treated Charles. Dale would always get the blame for things even if he didn't do it and his dad was somewhat mean to him in other ways also, their dad would hit Dale and slap him. Push him around and always call the boy names and yell at him. It seemed no matter how Dale tried to gain his dad's approval, It just wasn't meant to be.

Dale wanted to ask his dad why. Why did his dad seem to always favor Charles and what could Dale do to make his dad proud of him too just as he was of Charles. Dale really wanted his dad to love him but he was always afraid to ask his dad why or what could he do to gain his dad's approval.

When Dale was 17 years old and Charles was 19 years old, their dad suffered a heart attack and died. AS the boys and their mom worked to make their life as normal as possible without their father around, things seemed to be going good. Until one day about two years after the death of their father,Dale started to become very quiet and spent most of his time alone in his room. He and his brother stopped doing things together because Dale seemed to have lost in all interest in most all activities. One night in the middle of the night Dale went into his brother's bed room and woke him up. Dale told his brother his troubles. He told Charles that he kept seeing their dad's face and that it was a mean face. He went on to say that he felt that he saw only have of their father's face because he felt their dad died hating Dale . Dale was afraid his dad came back to punish him again e he liked to do when he was alive.

Dale was actually in tears as he described the turmoil he was going through seeing his dad but just half the face. Dale felt like his dad still hated him and would never let him alone. As Charles attempted to calm Dale down some and make him understand that he really was not seeing his dad's half face. He tried to make Dale understand that it was just  his emotions playing a trick on him because Dale was still looking for an answer of how could he please his dad even now.

Charles tried his best to comfort his younger brother but it Dale just got worse and cried harder. In between his tears Dale kept asking Charles if he knew why their dad hated him so much and then, the unthinkable happened. Dale ran out of the house and took off. Charles jumped in his car and took off after Dale. After  about three miles, Charles was caught up with Dale and was right behind him flashing his lights for Dale to stop and pull over. Dale did slow down as if he was going to pull over but then, he stomped down on the gas and drove the car off the cliff an action that took his life

Now, I will let it up to you the reader as if  Dale was only acting on his emotions and just thought he was seeing half his dad's face or... was Dales dad really coming to visit his son and if so was he trying to kill Dale from the grave?
Was Dales dad's spirit that evil that he caused Dale to drive the car off a cliff?
You decide.

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  1. wow...that sounds like MY grandfather! :/