Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ganding - The Evil Curse From Northern Norway

 Illustration PJ 2011, 
The closed fist is important in Ganding

Even today in the northern part of Norway there are Sami, and Norwegians that use Norwegian form of cursing someone called Ganding, both Vikings and Sami where known to be no strangers to use of ganding, though with Christianity and the notoriously ferocious witch-hunts that hit Northern Norway more than most of Europe, most of these malicious forms of black magic and even more so the use of healing was stomped out during the which trails of the1600th and 1700th centuries, of which estimates places to about 21% accounted to ganding, with 4% diabolism and the remaining 76% use of healing magic, herbs or other mysterious practices which still survived fairly intact in the Sami population.

Most people have streaks of both good and evil, and my father was at times filled with meanness, often followed with him swearing and at times he performed gand. More often than most the targets of the ganding would be the neighbors that had happened to trigger his nerves with some usually trivial stuff followed by having them placed in gand, he was even proud of it and at times bragged that he had put many down from their high horse after getting struck with a series of bad luck after he placed them in gand.

My father also told the stories how his uncle once placed someone in a catatonic stage for 10 years using a gand, which very specifically worded that the target would be unable to speak or move until 10 years had passed, and that this was just one of the cases of ganding that his family could do. Though frankly I never believed there to be much credence in these accounts back when I was growing up.

My mother believed herself to be one of those struck with one of the more potent of my fathers gands after she left him a few years back after a few decades of marriage, and she asked me to use my faith in Jesus Christ to help her break the evil curse that she felt had been ruining her life and put her in the deepest despair, both financially, with no work and series of mysterious sicknesses that the doctors could do nothing about. Needless to say I did what I could and the gand seemed to be broken, and things are still improving in all parts of her life.

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