Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Old Teddy Bear

When I was really young, I think I was 5 years old. We lived out in the country side were there were no other kids around my age to play with. My mother sensed my loneliness and for my birthday a few weeks later bought me a really cool teddy bear. The teddy bear could say words and answer questions. It could say Yes, No, How are you, and I have missed you.

As I grew older I stopped playing with the teddy bear and I asked my mom to please save it and not throw it away. I remember she wrapped it in newspaper and put it in a box to be placed in the attic. The years went by and I forgot all about the teddy bear. When I was 25 yeas old my father died in an accident. My mother didn't want to live way out in the country alone with just her and I. So we sold our house and moved into the city. As time went by and, we became settled I found a good job and my mom found some good friends and all seemed well.

At that point, I thought about moving out but then, I figured why would I want to do that. I mean mom had the entire first floor to herself and I had second floor. I while I was working I would come home, check in on mom. Whenever I was not working we would have a meals together and the rest of the time stay upstairs in my own floor.

One night I had to work over for a few hours and I didn't get home until past 10 PM that evening. I could see that my mom's bedroom light was on so, I just went upstairs without disturbing her. The next morning I went to check in on her and she was not breathing and he body was cold to touch. She had been dead for hours.

After the funeral and giving myself some time to grieve, I cleaned the attic out and got rid of all the stuff up there and for some reason, It hit me that my old teddy bear was not there. I went through everything and it was not there. I didn't think anymore about it and had all the items in the attic given to different charities around town.

A few weeks later, I returned from work and as I was going up the stairs, I heard talking and I recognized the sound as that of my old teddy bear. As I entered my room I thought I had lost my mind because sitting on the top of my bed was my old teddy bear just chatting away. This time he said a new line and that was... I will always be here if you need me! I have no clue about where he was or, how he got here. I hadn't seen him in years. I just can't figure it out however, I am sure that line of I will always be here if you need me is my mother's way of telling me she will always be here for me if I need her.

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  1. What a great story!! And what a comforting event. I, too, had teddy bears who were my friends; we would have "meetings" and I would talk for them (this was in the early 50's) before bed every night after my Father had read from "Alice in Wonderland". As soon as he was gone our "meetings" would begin, under the covers and with a flashlight. I can imagine how wonderful it must have been to have the teddy bear come back and promise to "always be there".