Monday, February 28, 2011

An Interesting True Empathic Psychic Experience

I used to be a skeptic of all things psychic in nature.  That all changed with the tragedy of 9/11, where I witnessed my own psychic experience.  It was late August 2001 when my girlfriend started saying three things repeatedly.  Something bad is going to be happening in New York City, the Liberty Tree, and some place in Pennsylvania.  She would recite these three things over and over again, getting more frantic as she did. All my friends and I just thought she was crazy.  It kept getting worse and more frequent up to the night of September 10th. 

That night my girlfriend and I walked the neighborhoods all night while I tried to calm her down.  Just as I got her calm, it came on the news about the twin towers, which sent her off the deep end once again.  With the shock of the incident, I didn't really piece together what she had been saying for the past three weeks.  But when I did the shock was tremendous.  She had accurately predicted the 9/11 incident including the plane going down in the Pennsylvania countryside. This experience changed my life forever.  I can no longer be skeptical about psychic experiences all though I don't have complete answers of my own.

James D.

Editors Note: 
There was recorded a very significant increase in psychic predictions of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and one of our friends (Nina of Norway) also had experiences in the months and weeks ahead of 9/11, for her story check out:  9/11 A Norwegians Foresight Story

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