Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Empty Room in the Attic

This another experience shared with us by Nina of Norway on behalf of her good older friend TJ which also is Norwegian.

This happened when TJ visited an old friend named Oscar, upstairs Oscar had a empty room that TJ had in all the 20 years of knowing him, never been up in. TJ did not recall anymore why Oscar brought her up there because this was about 10 years ago.

As TJ and Oscar entered the empty attic she was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of despair, sadness and feeling of being trapped TJ was sure this must have been the feelings of his wife that had passed away years before she even met Oscar. She started crying and quickly left the room and as they did, all turned back to normal. Oscar asked what happened and TJ told him that she had just felt like she had been filled with the feelings of someone that used to live in that empty room.

Oscar confirmed TJ's suspicions and told her that used to be his wife's room and that his wife had been troubled with anxiety and depressions for years before she passed away, and also that neither him, his son or his daughter would spend very long time in the room because it always made them feel uncomfortable there.

Then TJ suggested that she could try to open herself for channeling and let her work serve as a vessel for his wife so she could let this part of her that was still dwindling in this empty attic room could pass over into the light, she reentered the room and after a few minutes she looked up at Oscar and said that she felt that his wife had finally found her peace, and that everything was OK. Oscar entered the room and confirmed that it felt light, and the seemingly darkness that always lingered there was gone, his son and daughter also on separate occasions mentioned that their mothers old room seemed different and that they no longer felt bogged down with sad emotions when passing trough it on their way to the storage attic behind it.

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