Friday, February 11, 2011

A Relatives Friendly Spirit Visit

Not to long ago I [Nina] had an experience directly connected to a close relative that passed away suddenly and unexpected and this experience happened a while after I had completed a ceremonial prayer with burning of incense and candles in order to ease his crossing over to the afterlife.

As I was walking to work I suddenly would notice a familiar smell from growing up in the Norwegian town of Vadsø, the strong odor of the large local fish oil and fish flour factory, which back home is called to be the scent of money. Anyway even-though this was strange since I never smelled this outside of Vadsø before and I was no where near any kind of fishery industry, I did not take much notice of it other than being peculiar.

Then while at work I got this strong sensation of being watched and the feeling of a presence. Instinctively I knew this was my dear relative that had come over to let me know he was OK and that he had appreciated the light I had placed for him earlier. And also getting some rest from all the mourning that was still going on at home, and just to be sure to make sure that I knew he was really there he took a poster of figs down from the wall, he always loved figs so much so to me this was indeed a confirmation and greatly lightened up my spirit too.

After this it felt like he left and went on to visit others of his relatives. This was confirmed by my mother that also had him visit her and my brother later that very same day.

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