Saturday, September 11, 2010

Psychic Abilities: Forced Docileness

In this entry I would like to put focus on what I would refer to as forced docileness, which is an ability to instantly make people or animals become controlled and easily managed.

Luckily I have only needed to use the power of forcing docility less than a hand full times on people, with animals on the other hand I have used this multiple times, though the focus and effect is different and in many ways much less psychically exhausting may it be for wild beasts or the common enraged pet. Especially when one need to control an injured animal in order to help it, as it is well known animals in pain do not respond well to anyone picking them up.

Just like in the ability of animal affinity that was enlightened in a earlier entry, I also have animal affinity and considered the power of forced docileness to be a focused and extended form of the ability to naturally be in balance with life and nature around oneself. When I invoke this all I need to do is lift up the palm of my hand and send a focused thought of absolute calmness, and then next continue with the orders what I would want the people or animals to do next.

My mother also has this ability and I have watched her stop bar brawls by stepping over and instantly change two or more drunk men in the act of beating each other up instantly turn from aggressors to passiveness by one simple act of the mind.

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