Wednesday, April 21, 2010

9/11 - A Norwegian's Foresight Story

This one is from Nina in Tromsø, Norway.
I recall that back in July 2001 I was about to travel through New York City, how I wanted to see the World Trade Center, I back then had this odd feeling this would be my only chance of doing so, not because I wouldn't be traveling to NY in the future but because I felt the towers would not be there the next time.

Then a few months later, in the first week of September and I was chatting online with my American friend Gary, over in Gettysburg PA, I told him that I had this odd feeling something bad was going to happen in New York really soon, something that was not an accident and that It would be really bad. Of course Gary refused to believe me, but I was adamant that he should tell his friends and family to stay away from NY that day, this was a really odd feeling since I have had feelings of bad things happening to members in my family, friends or neighbors and then it come true since I was a little kid, but never anything about people I never seen or heard about in a different country.

It struck me like a strong emotion, like the pain and grief of many many added together, overwhelmed me making me feel weak, frightened and lost. Then on September 11 the pieces all came together and my horrible foresight came true, even-though I didn't see the specifics I knew this was what I had felt, all that grief, from those in the flights, in the World Trade Center and from all the friends, relatives and loved ones they left behind, it still shocks me thinking about that, both my emotional foresight, the fact that I a few months earlier felt the World Trade Center was not going to be there much longer, and that I one week ahead felt it was really coming true.

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