Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Omens in a coffee cup

I have a few times done readings in the dried up leftovers in my friends or relatives coffee cups, but none of these readings was more clear and more disturbing then the one I am going to share with you now.

More than a decade ago while attending a party with many of my relatives I picked up my fathers coffee cup, and preformed a reading, what I clearly saw was two angels one holding a trumpet and the other one blowing in a trumpet, something I interpreted as a bad omen own their own, between the two angels was a hourglass with the number 30 marked on the upper part and the number 45 in the lower part. I told some of my aunts and showed one of them which I knew used to do coffee cup readings, she told me to forget what I had read and that no one would want me to bring this kind of omen during their party.

30 days later my dad fell very ill with a horrible headache, and since we insisted to the doctors this was no regular headache they went ahead and gave him a deeper than usual examination, the doctor soon looked very disturbed from what he suspected and had my dad immediately shipped to another hospital with special equipment to check out what was wrong. It confirmed the first doctors suspicion and proved that my father would need brain surgery within the next two weeks or die. At this point it was a battle against the clock and they had to get a specialist brain-surgeon shipped in from abroad to do the delicate surgery. On day 45 after I had read the omen in his coffee cup, the doctors finally managed to get the surgery completed successfully saving him with only minor damages.

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