Sunday, May 2, 2010

Projection of the Soul - Astral Travel

This is part III of the entries on Dreams and Astral experiences from Nina in Norway. By age 9 I descovered a new state of dream reality, I found out that switching my focus while in a lucid dream just enough not to wake up I could make what felt like a pain in the chest followed by the feeling of pulling out of my own body as a free spirit. In this state I could float around watch myself or anybody around the house, it did not feel like any dreams I had ever experiened anytime before as I explored I found that I could move around by thought alone, I circled around the room a few times and focused on joining my own body again, of which I would get pulled back into it and awaken alert and thrilled with my new experience.

I had at this point read enough to know that this was an out of body experience, or a astral projection, and found that I could with ease slip into a astral state from any lucid dream state. What I found more interesting though was that I would experience the world around me differntly, one senced things as if they were mere thoughts and one could hear what seemed to be what anyone was feeling or thinking as it was ones own.

As an astral traveler I found I could feel no pain and no danger such as I could no fly in the blink of a second to any part of the world, and when seeing parts I had never experienced myself, when I looked them up they had indeed been there making me belive the astral travels to be more than mere advanced dream states but rather the actual projection of ones soul to travel in the multidimensional world our physical body exists in.

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Part II Lucid Dreams an Alternate Reality

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  1. Hi Nina! My Astral projection story is very similar to yours! We share something that is a completely amazing experience filled with wonderfully unique sensations,emotions, vibrations and feelings that nothing else compares to!! Thanks for yous story! Nicolla xxx