Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This is in from Raymond in Honolulu, Hawaii.
My aunt lived in the same house for 55 years. When her and my uncle got married they bought that house and lived in it ever since. My uncle died two years ago and even though I wanted my aunt to sell that old house and move to a newer on she said NO and kept the house her and my uncle bought way back when.

Things started happening shortly after my uncle passed on. You see, my aunt had a flower vase given to them as a wedding gift. It was a very expensive flower vase but. for some reason my uncle always hated that vase and always complained about how ugly he thought it was. On a few occasions I can remember him even trying to convince my aunt to get rid of the vase. My aunt refused saying it was a gift that celebrated their love for one and other and she would not get rid of it.

A few weeks after my uncle died my aunt woke up one morning and found the vase on the carpeted floor. the vase was unharmed and so she picked it up and sat it back on the table where it belonged.I was spending time with my aunt so i could make sure she was doing ok and that next morning when I walked into the living room the vase was once again on the floor unharmed.
I picked t up and placed it in the middle of the table so it would not be close to the edge. I took my aunt out for breakfast and then shopping. Then I returned to my home and let my aunt spend her first night alone since her husband passed on.

About 3 am in the morning my phone rang and it was my aunt. She was crying and said she didn't feel like she could stay alone so, I went over and calmed her down and put her to bed and I told her I would stay the night in the other room. She seemed a bit better once she know I would stay. As I walked out of her room and into the living room, I looked over at the vase on the table. i started thinking about all the times my uncle said how ugly it was and right before my very eyes,the vase flew off the table and right into the wall across the room. No one was even near it. My aunt woke up and started yelling that it was her husband doing it from beyond because he always hated that vase.

I cleaned up all the broken glass from the vase and threw it all away and to this day there has never been anything unusual happen in that house. Maybe my aunt was correct. Maybe my uncle could not rest in peace until that vase was gone for good.

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