Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mystic Spiral of Light in Northern Norway

I have gotten many messages from my friends back in Norway, about this spiral of light. When this spiral of light appeared in Northern Norway in the early morning on december 9 2009, it spiked both fear and amazement, and it was taped by a lot of people, I included two videos that I found. The Spiral was reported to been seen as far South as Trondheim and in all cities in the North that did not have clouds that morning.

 Even though scientists were quick to come forward and let everybody know that this was most likely a Russian missile that blew up in the atmosphere it has opened up for a lot of conspiracy theories about UFO and aliens all over Norway. Norwegians are used to light swirling around in the sky during the dark winter times, with the Aurora Borealis dancing about shifting colors and sometimes it is even reported to be followed by sounds similar to an electrical hizz.

Aurora Borealis, also known as Northern Lights, in Tromsø, Norway
I will leave this up to the readers to contemplate what this might have been, was it really a missile gone astray? could it really been caused by aliens? What does the Norwegian government really know?

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