Friday, May 14, 2010

Medical Psychic - Like a medical scanner

I got this email from Aleksei in Moscow, Russia, thank you Aleksei!
I have since I was a boy I have had an ability to know the nature of any ailment of myself or within my family, It is like a psychic medical scanner one see what is broken, hurt or damaged just like if one at the doctors. Both me and my mother have the same gift, so we use to check out what wrong first one of us and then the other, we always see same result and then we go doctor and they give us same answer.

We even fixed our pets with our psychic form of vision, one of our kittens once had hurt it self falling from a shelf, my mother picked it up and we both looked at it, it had gotten one of it's legs out of socket, we saw that it was not broken just out of place and could we were able to see exactly how to fix it. My mother pulled its leg and it moved back in place, the kitten looked so happy and could run around like it never had even been hurt, it not seem in pain anymore.

We have both done this many times and so far it has always been correct, exactly what we have seen in our psychic vision. The best one was when we saved our father from brain damage, He happened to wake up one morning having horrible headaches, dizziness and feeling nausea, we immediately know something was very wrong and we would not let doctors stop until they ran brain scan on him, since we knew it was no ordinary headache, the problem was because of a cyst stopping brain fluid from moving like it should and this was what was making him very ill and it would have killed him if we had not demanded it tested for what we both saw.

I read stories about others doing something similar, especially the great American psychic Edgar Cayce, he was not awake while doing his psychic doctoring like me and mother but still I find it having several similarities. 

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  1. I am a Medical Intuitive, like my Grandmother and her Dad. All devout spiritual persons with a gift so profound that lives are saved from diseases and certain death. Yes it is like scanning, however I can also see the origin of the disease. Trace the contaminant, and find the solution. Compose scientific components to self guide, and see the exact time left to remedy the situation or expected time of death. Things that no scanner can do. I believe it is a Spiritual gift of discernment from God.