Sunday, May 9, 2010

The miracle of healing - Prayers

This one is from my friend Colin in Hilo, Hawaii.

The effect of healing by faith and prayer is one of the best known type of miracle, and its effect is well known in all religions, even those that do not believe them self has been proven in blind studies to do better than groups not prayed for while being sick.

I wanted to share my story with you, I was suffering from the last stages of keto-acidosis where the blood turns almost black, I had double sided ear infections since my immune system was so weakened by the sickness that had been progressing for almost one year at this point, I was in and out of consciousness, as the body had lost most of its ability to transport and take up oxygen, every bite of food tasted so foul because of the acidity messing up the taste senses that one was to force oneself to eat anything, pure lemon juice tasted sweet and everything else sour. I so no improvement and I was slipping deeper and deeper into a spiral of getting worse and worse.

Then I had someone do prayer of healing on me from my church, and a prayer of comfort, suddenly I felt like a power filled me and I could again breathe normally, and within hours I was able to walk up right again after almost one year of barely being able to get out of bed and back again, the immediate improvement was so sudden and so unexpected that I have to put it in my faith that I know this was divine, a miracle of healing that I personally experienced. I never had any problems again with keto-acidosis and I am so grateful for being granted a second life.

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