Sunday, May 9, 2010

Psychometry - Object Reading and Flashes

This one is from TJ in Norway, sharing her experience with flashes of information when handling objects.
I have the ability to get glimpses or flashes of information when handling objects or even from people. Usually the flash of information is minor, and usually of an emotional nature, showing a glimpse in my minds-eye showing the people involved in a objects past, when it comes to people it is more complicated one usually get a flash of emotions of what they are going through at the moment. Other times it seem to be strong emotions that have not happened yet like death in immediate family.

I have even experienced flash of information while picking up a movie to check out it's cover where one in the briefness of a flash see the whole plot of the movie in an instant. for this reason I never pick up a horror flick unless I have emotionally prepared myself to handle the shock of getting all the horror in one flash. This is the only form of control I have, to be totally open in order to receive and recall more of an potential flash, or to close my self up in order to be protected of which one get very little or nothing. The psychometry is usually not triggered at all though, and very seldom do one get more than one flash from handling one object.

The most useful part that I personally have of my psychometry comes to flights, whenever I pick up an airline ticket for myself or someone else I have always gotten an immediate flash showing the course of flight from start to finish, this have even kept me out of harms way on two different occasions where I changed my flight due to the flashes.

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