Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Three Year Old Miracle

This in from Josh in NYC

I had a friend who got married to a really nice girl. She was a sweet as can be the only thing about this girl was, sometimes she would get real quiet and go some where to be by herself. When asked why she does this, her reply would always be that she would get a feeling of doom or tragedy and she went to be by herself so she could try to figure out what was going to happen. Sometimes she could figure it out and sometimes she couldn't.

I understood that myself because I knew that when people get these premonitions and because most of these people are not trained enough to bring the whole scope of what is about to happen they, just get bits and pieces and they can not get the missing pieces of the puzzle. Now that does not mean these people do not have the gift. It simply means that they have not been trained enough to use their gift completely.

After about a year of marriage Josh and his wife Julie had a baby boy. The baby was named after his father. Little Josh was God's gift to his parents and believe it or not, little Josh also had a gift for the world.

When little Josh was 3 years old he started to act a bit strange at times. By strange I mean for apparently no reason at all. he would start to scream and cry and run to his Mother of Dad and clutch their clothes and hang on for dear life, all the time crying and screaming. Little Josh could never seem to say why he was screaming and crying or why he seemed so terrified . After seeing a whole host of doctors and having almost every medical test done on the child. It was determined that it was a behavioral issue and that little Josh would hopefully grow out of it

Julie started to notice things such as when little josh would act out like this,,he would cry himself to sleep and that within an our after wards, there would somewhere close by be a tragedy taking place. Examples of this would be, One time when little Josh would act out within an hour of his crying and screaming the neighbor's house burned down and a lady perished in the fire. Another time a school bus full of children git stuck on the rail road tracks and the bus was hit by the train. Most of the children got off the bus safely but, a few didn't get off in time and were killed. the list go's on and on.

Julie decided to have Little Josh tested for physic abilities and I am sure you all guessed it he has very good physic abilities. Josh is now 8 years old and he is being trained to sharpen and broaden his physic skills.

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