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Lucid Dreams - An Alternate Reality

Illustration, "human eye floats in twilight zone portal against starry sky" - painting by Don Dixon for Jeremy Tarche

Here is Part II from Nina in Norway, I hope you like her explanations based on her personal experiences in the theme. Most people according to science would live their whole life never experiening a lucid dream, and if they did they might not have realized that they actually were dreaming. With my own reading into this I found about 10% experience lucid dreams fully.

Part II Lucid Dreams - An Alternate Reality,
When I was about 6 I had my first true lucid dream, It started as a dream paralyzis, where I figured this can not be real and refused to give in to the fear of what felt real to me, I focused and relaxed myself opening up myself to the experience to see where it might bring me, to my surprise it made me slip back into the world of dreams but a world unlike I had ever experienced before, for the first time everything was clear, I always had seen the world blurred due to bad eyesight so this was my clue this was different. I explored my enviroment which was my grandparents familiy home, everything seemed totally real, I could pick up any items, I felt the texture, I could smell, see and taste everything there as if it was real.

I decided to explore the home and opened a door that I had never seen before next to the steps, I entered it and found myself in the undergroud part of a mideval castle, it was all lit up by torches that I could actually feel the heat from the flames, and it smelled of musky moss, mildew and wet soil, and since I was still walking around in my nightgown I felt the cold stone floor on my feet. I explored and entered deeper until I got to another room filled with strange contraptions which I later learned to be a torture chamber. I didn't like this room and decided to wake up, at the very tought of awakening so I did, and unlike from waking up in a dream I felt fully alert as If I had been awake and I remembered everything as it was a real experience.

This was just the first of many lucid dream experiences, and I quickly found out I could not only decide when to awake but also control what was to happen in the lucid dream experience. As I grew older I was curious to see if the experience of time was the same in a lucid state and found it to indeed seemed time was moving at the same speed as in an awake state. By the time I was 7 I could enter lucid dreams by concentration, whenever I realized I was dreaming and focused to change into the lucid state, and by age 8 I knew how to enter my own lucid dream state anytime I wanted to by just lying down and focus my breath, look deep at a sorce of light to help me focus and with ease slip into or out of the different levels of dream states.

Due to this I have actually never experienced a nightmare since I would switch it into a learning experience control my fears and focus to solve or simply focus on waking up if I did not like the experience like with a dream filled with violence or too much graphic details into things I dislike.

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