Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sleep Paralysis and False Awakening

This is a three part entry about dreams and astral projection from Nina in Tromsø, Norway this is the part about sleep paralysis and false awakenings, the two other entries are found here: lucid dreams and astral projections.

Part I Dream Paralysis and False Awakenings:
When I was a child I remember my first dream paralysis it was a horrific experience since I did not understand what it was, it felt like if a heavy invisible being had pinned me to the bed, making it hard to breathe, one could not scream or do anything. And I was sure I was not asleep which scared me even more. I asked my mother what this was and she told me that was the "mara", a term used in Norway which the Norwegian word "mareritt" comes from it is equivalent to nightmare, but actually means "to be ridden by the mare", a scary evil entity of the night.

This answer puzzled me and I asked my older brother, which said he sometimes experienced the same thing, and also frequently experienced waking up, only to still be in a dream but believing one waken up. I have actually never experienced a false awakening that have fooled me into thinking that I was really awake. However plenty of dreams that mimic reality which I will tell you more about in part two on lucid dreams.

The point is that something like a dream paralysis followed or combined with a false awakening could make you experience things that feels real but might actually just been part of your own dream reality. Commonly alien abductions, and many paranormal experiences might rather be of this nature rather than the real thing, having this said always remember to be sceptical even to your own experiences in a dream state even if they feel totally real, due to this very nature.

Another thing you might find interesting is Phantomania, or Psychic Paralysis, which is the paranormal equivalent to Sleep Paralysis.

Part III Projection of the Soul - Astral Travel 

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