Saturday, May 8, 2010

Strange lights In My Bedroom

This one is from Dave in Hawaii.

 I was 16 years old is when it all began for me. My family and I lived in an old house out in the country outside of Honolulu. As I said the house was old but my Mom & Dad fixed it up really nice. I was asleep one night and was awakened by a strange sound coming from my bedroom. I turned my light and the sound continued but I could not find the cause. It seemed as if the sound was coming from nowhere like, just from the air inside my room then all of a sudden the sound stopped. I waited for a minute and then turned he bedroom light off again and jumped back into bed.

I was laying on my back in bed. I had my eyes closed trying to go back to sleep but I just had a strange feeling not a bad feeling or, a fearful feeling but, rather just a strange feeling. I opened my eyes and looked straight up and I saw a strange light. At first I thought the light was on my celling but then I noticed it was not on the celling but it was in mid air between my bed and the celling. This light was moving around and, my window shade was all the way down and no light could come in from outside. There wasn't much light outside anyhow because the street light was three houses down from my house.

This light had never been there before and my parents bought that house when I was eight years old so, I actually lived in the house for eight years and never before did I see any light in my bedroom. After three nights of seeing this light in my bedroom I told my parents and they would come into my room at night and they saw the light also. It unnerved my Mother very much and we checked everything we could but came up with no explanation for this light that moved all around in my room at night.

My Father did some checking with the neighbors and at the court house and he found out that back forty five years ago there was a sixteen year old boy who lived in that house and I was using the same bedroom that he used when he lived in that house. It seems the boy became very Ill and one day had died in that room.

I decided to try talking to the light. One night I told the light I thought I knew what and who it was. I told the light that since all it ever did was float around my room it was welcome to stay. However, It could only come out during the day and it could not keep me awake at night anymore. Well, after I told the light that.I could at sometimes see the light during the day on the wall or maybe on the carpet but, the light never showed itself again at night. I never felt threatened by that light and all was ok again after I said my say to the light. So, I am sure the light was the sixteen year old boy just wanting to stay in the house he lived in. He stayed there in life, I guess he wanted to stay there in his after life too. 

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  1. the person who saw that light are requested to read chapter 24 verse 35 to 41 of all religions books