Monday, May 31, 2010

Sylvia Browne, Psychic and Medium

One of the most well known and talked about psychics today is Sylvia Browne. Below is the link to her official web site.

I have met this wonderful lady at the Hawaii convention center here in Honolulu a few years ago. I was attending one of her live presentations there and I was very skeptical of her claims to be able to see the future and communicate with the dead.

Now I am a believer in her claims. As I explain to you why I believe this women please remember that until I saw this lady in Honolulu, I have never talked with her or wrote her or emailed her in anyway. I also had no contact with anyone who works for her. Also allow me to explain to you that Sylvia Browne as never stated at anytime that she is always correct in her readings. No psychic is always 100 percent correct all the time. Psychics can see a vision and miss read what it means much as you might have a dream and think it means one thing when really, it means something different. Or, Someone may say something to you and for whatever reason you might misunderstand what they are saying. It has happened to all of us at times so why would anyone think it cannot happen to a psychic.

Some people have tried to debunk Ms. Browns for years and years but yet these people always seem to fall short of busting her as being a fake. the reason I believe her is very simple. At this event I attended, I as many others was given a chance to go up front and ask her (one) question. When it was my turn i simply ask her if she could tell me anything at all about my Mother. Now remember guys, I never had any contact with Ms. Browne before and I never had any contact with anyone who worked for her. This was my very first time in seeing this woman in person.

When I asked her to tell me something about my Mother, this is what she said..... Well in late march of the year 2000 You're Mother passed on after a very long Illness. She was in great pain and discomfort up until a few hours before she died. At that point she felt good but, just tired. less then an hour later she had passed on. She wants to know if you found the letter she wrote to you and you're sister in the family safe to be opened upon her death. She also said my Mother died of a heart issue but not a heart attack.

Well, her answer brought me to tears because Sylvia Browne was 100 percent correct. My Mother did die in late March in the year 2000. She was in great pain up until a hour before she died and at that point she did tell me and a nurse that she felt good but tired and she also asked for some juice to drink. The nurse brought the juice and my Mother drank it and a little less of an hour she said she was sleepy and she went to sleep and died in her sleep. My Mother's death was caused by heart failure. The doctor was there when she died and he stated her heart just got tired and weak and stopped beating. Also, I might point out that about a month after my Mother died I was looking at some things in the family safe and I did indeed find a letter written by my Mother addressed to my sister and I that said to be opened upon my death

I find it impossible for Ms. Browne to know all the details about my Mothers death unless of course Ms. Browne is the REAL thing and I truly believe that Sylvia Browne is indeed the Real thing.

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