Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Possessed Role Play Game Book

Thank you Nina for todays contribution.
I must say that this was one of the most frightening experiences I ever had to look into, it all happened when a friend of mine once bought a Dungeons and Dragons role play game book, from a second hand store in Tromsø, Norway, the catch is he got more than he bargained for.

For years he would wake up with mysterious scratch marks on his back, shaped like if made by a triple clawed being, I saw the claw marks myself and they were indeed in angles, and locations that would have been extremely hard for him to make on his own, he even showed me the book in question. It did indeed feel like very eerie and I felt like filled with fear when I for the first time held the book in my hand.

He complained about seeing mysterious shadows in the corner of his eye, while living in his dorm, and any plants he put up would mysteriously wilt and die. He also experienced xenoglossy, the ability to speak and read languages he could not possible know himself (Read my entry Miracles - Gift of Tongue - Xenoglossy). I have heard stories before that one should be careful with some role play games since some of them has a dark side, the book he happened to buy was about demons, and how to summon them in the game terms, not that he ever did that himself, but perhaps the previous owner did.

The episodes of the mysterious events continued, making him more and more ill, claiming it sometimes spoke to him, and even gave its name, which belonged to the ancient Sumeria. I would not share the name because of the evil nature of demons, but by my advice he sought help of the clergy, got blessed and by a many month long battle he managed to expel the demon, all his sickness disappeared over night, and made him a true believer in the divine and still a firm church attender.

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  1. "Dungeons & Dragons" books present information on magic and mythology in a FICTIONAL context. They do not instruct players to believe in, or attempt to pereform, any kind of "real" magic. This is because such things as magic, demons, possession, poltergeist activity, etc. are fictional and thus, can exist a ONLY in fiction.