Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Growing-up as a Psychic

Here is another contribution from Nina in Tromsø, Norway
I think that I have always been psychic, I used to know things that no one told me, like when I was about 4 years old, I shocked my parents by telling them that I felt really sorry for our neighbor Astrid, then when they asked why I told them that she was dying. They got even more shocked when they went over to see Astrid and she told them she was dying of cancer. Then when they asked me how I knew I would simply reply, "I just know". I do not remember this one myself, but it was one of the earliest cases of the paranormal that my parents experienced from me, and they made sure that the early stories got retold as I grew up.

One of the earliest recollections that I actually remember myself happened back in my grandparents house, I was about 5 years old and the house has always been haunted by the earlier generations of our family, all the way back to my great great grandparents. This one time the spirits were especially restless, turning on and off lights, footsteps and knocking. I stood there in the middle of the kitchen were the most commotion was and said loud and clear to all the others present. "There is nothing to worry about, these are just the spirits of the house letting us all know they are here, and that they are here watching over us".

Since things like this always happened to me it is one of the most natural parts of my being, and I am used to getting bits and pieces of information from objects or when giving someone a handshake, though I do not share this fact with most people, since one could quickly be marked as insane by those that do not understand, believe or those that even think that psychic abilities are of the devil.

Personally I believe that any abilities psychic or normal ones could be used for good or evil, so the abilities them-self does not make one in league with the evils of the world. I have also learned that people from Finnmark, especially those that are full or part sami like me seem to be much more willing to believe in paranormal phenomena's than those from Tromsø or farther south in Norway.

I have never been able to control my ability other than one could choose to be open and prepared for the flash of information and thereby catch more of it or one could choose to block it thereby only getting very tiny fragments. Strong emotions are pretty much impossible to block and some people would literally blow your mind out with their own total chaos in their emotional state of mind.

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  1. same here, i was tested and found to be a sensetive medium, but ive always had the knowing to. never limited to 5 senses, can travel between dimminsions, see spirits, was taught by angels and the hooded robed ones, the angels aoppeared as solid people taught me the bible, hooded robed ones took me out of my body, and taught me many things, no idea who they were, they stopped doing that in the seventys. now im part of a hive mind, so can stay here. when i started school already knoew colors reading etc, i asked the hooded ones about it, they said i didnt have to learn , just to rember.

  2. Hi,

    I really never liked the label psychic as it tends to be so widely used by people who would like to be seen as special or different and at one time it was almost fashionable for someone to make claims of being psychic. Everyone is different some can see, feel , smell and hear what others don’t but this is normal and not at all psychic. Now I’ve been actively researching alleged claims of paranormal phenomenon for many years now and although this research is still ongoing I am aware that there are cases that currently defy explanation. I am of the opinion that there is always a cause and that good honest people don’t normally make up what they experience with their senses. The problem is always going to be finding these illusive causes on a case to case basis. Unfortunately experiences that remain unexplained often get labelled paranormal far too quickly in my opinion. Anyway don’t be put off by my opinions because believe it or not I see and hear stuff quite often that others around me did not. I’ve personally experienced many things on many occasions that I can’t currently explain?? But I haven’t given up on trying to find the truth in explanation and sometimes I’ve found explanations that are even more extraordinary than the actual alleged reported phenomenon . As a growing species that adapts too an ever changing environment we should expect to see gradual change in our sensory abilities this is normal and paramount to our survival. In my opinion there are many things going on around us that share our world yet remain almost invisible to our senses and sometime in the future I believe we will be able to at least experience some of this with much greater clarity.

    Kind regards,


    PS Children even at an early age can be more perceptive than adults because they don’t have the added clutter that us adults have accumulated in experience. That’s why in the fairy tale Peter Pan perhaps a good enough reason for Peter never wanting to grow up.

  3. I watch so many people who think they are doing right but trying to find a "logical" excuse or reason come up with the most unlikely and ridiculous BS I ever heard when for us it is just simply a fact these things happen, have always happened, will always happen, and are a perfectly normal part of our existence written and recorded by many societies since ancient times.
    It is only modern "man" in his great desire to dominate reality who does not know the truth of it, who refuses to accept the obvious, and fights so hard to ignore the elephant standing on his toe.
    For myself, I no longer wonder "if", I ask "how" perhaps or "why", still being mindful that people like to "pull the wool" and bs and such.
    I laugh at how nutty some "Skeptics" get over their Skeptic religion, and it really is a religion, with those who spin dogma, rules and restrictions as well as penalties for failure to tow the line, like in the case of poor old Carl Sagan.
    I have even had them keep me for hours in stupid arguments trying to wear me down and force me to see 3 fingers when there are really just 2 but that 1984 stuff does not work on some of us. We just laugh at the folly and go on living in the Real World, one that Science is beginning to prove can shift simply due to our observation!
    I need no Skeptic validation, for I have foreseen a time when Science will once again merge with Magick and even Religion will come into the fold because we will not need belief, we will know.
    About 30 or so years ago I said "Quantum theory will change the world, it will replace current beliefs."
    Lots of people thought that was pretty far out, but, well, my vision was true.
    Most of the stuff I envisioned then is here now, in some form, lots of stuff "experts" predicted never happened. So guess who I trust? ME!
    Be well.

  4. Thanks VXVampirekiss, I needed that.