Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Psychich Abilities: Claircognizance - To be clear knowing

Claircognizance, or to be clear knowing is an ability that manifests itself in many forms it could be a feeling of inspiration, knowing or understanding something outside of oneself. Back when I grew up I was already a claircognizant psychic, instantly knowing things about everything around me, whether it was people, family, objects (see my entry on psychometry), nature, medical issues, health, or even knowing the answers to mathematical problems before one started on it.

My most common statement whenever I was asked how I knew this or that was I just know it, I could not explain where I got it from It was just there.

When it came to math, it did actually get me in some trouble with the teachers since I had a hard time understanding why they wanted me to write all the other parts in between the mathematical problem and the answer which I already knew the instant i took a look at it.  In the beginning I did just that, wrote the answer and went on to the next one, It was almost always right but I was still unable to explain to the teacher how I ended up with the solution. My mother described the same problem when she went to school as she is a claircognizant psychic like me.

As I grew older I used my psychic talent to give instant answers to almost any question more as entertainment, my friends loved to see if they could nail me catching me giving wrong answers or not finding one. Most of the time they had to give up on since more they were the ones that run out of questions. Other times I just enjoyed spooking my chemistry class by giving the answer to the exact amount of a compound down to the last mg or the answer to a tricky chemical stoichiometry equations by giving it when we started, write it down in the corner as proof and then go the slow and hard process of calculating it all which sometimes took hours. One time in particular, I remember that the answer was different than in my instant suggestion, and it turned out it was indeed correct but we had done the calculations wrong, and when we figured that out we ended up on my psychic suggested answer.

Often I will be filled with inspiration, I have always been very talented with drawing, writing, cooking, music, painting, photography and other forms of art, I never thought of this to be claircognizance, until I found out about this more unknown class of psychics but it sure put it in an interesting perspective.

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