Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cherokee Screech Owls

Screech Owl Feather

I have a friend that lives in my building. One night he and I were talking outside and he told me about experiences he has had with screech owls. Now, my friend is two thirds Cherokee and the Cherokee legend says that they believe that the screech owl acts as a consultant to keep them in line and that a screech owl could also bring on sickness as a punishment. Also the some Cherokee women would bathe their children's eye in water with owl feathers in it because they thought it would help the child stay awake.

In my friends case he would at times see screech owls and. He told me that the owl would speak to him but that he could not understand what it was saying and also, that he would respond in a language that he didn't understand either.

The one thing that he did understand and know for sure was, Every time he would see a screech owl and would speak that strange language with it, someone he was close to would die within a few days. He told me that a screech owl had made it's home in a large bird house that his son built in the back yard. The owl only stayed in the bird house for about a week but the one night the owl was screeching very loud and my friend went into his strange language mode and then the owl was gone.

Two days later my friend's wife was talking to her mother on the phone and all seemed well. However, during their phone conversation, my friend's wife's mother died. she never said anything about feeling ill at all. She just died while talking on the phone. Since his mother-in-law was a very healthy women and not over sixty years old an autopsy was performed and the report came back as cause of death undetermined.

Another time he saw a screech owl and in a few days his best friend died. Yet another time three days after he saw and heard another screech owl, his cousin died a very fast and unexpected death. My friends cousin was laughing at a joke that was just told and he very simply dropped dead.

Believe me when I say to you that when my friend sees a screech owl, he becomes very worried about himself and his loved ones. Even though there are a few cultures that consider the screech owl to be a good omen or a protector  of fertilely and power. My friend only sees sadness and death when he sees and hears one.

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  1. Very interesting, although I feel badly for your friend. Thanks for sharing.

  2. "two thirds" Cherokee?

  3. Mexicans and other latin cultures believe the same stories about the white owls. When I was younger, my nieghbor was telling us kids scary stories and that one in particular always stuck in my mind. I have seen and heard the owl screech at night and one time it came to my window in the middle of the day. My aunt passed away days later. In my experience, it doesn't always mean death in just my own family but also death of a someone I don't know but I'm linked to through friends. Also i never heard owls speak to me. You guys may want to read about a demon named Lilith, supposedly she was the first wife of Adam before Eve, anyways she is evil and is also known as night screecher, its very creepy.

  4. Interestingly this happens to me, everytime I see an owl someone I am linked to dies whether its a friend, relative, or an acquaintance. So everytime I see an owl I am terrified, only once has an owl spoken to me when I was a young boy, now its usually just when I see or hear them....

  5. My fiancée is cherokee.. and he has been bearing loud screech owls for a few days now. To be exact 3 owls. I called him an hour after he left my house today which is a 30 minute drive to his and he told me he heard the owls again.. I'm beginning to worry.. I have never heard such fear coming from him before.. this is not a "curse" it's a sign, warning, omen.

  6. My husband doesn't believe me when i told him every time a hear an owl screeching at night someone we know dies within that week. Well 2 days ago i heard it and one of friends wife died last night. Some times it comes in 3. Its so crazy... im gonna start a log book and maybe when he sees that and the coincidence of loved ones dying when it happens maybe he will take me more seriously... i got all my superstitions and beliefs through my mother. She was from the Philippines. I had never new anyone more religious than her. But yet i saw so many things growing up, its crazy. Anyways thank u for this site. I was doubting myself tgen i googled it and found this... guess im not as crazy as my husband sometimes thinks i am...