Friday, April 30, 2010

The Falling Photo

In our family home in Gettyburg, PA, my Mother kept a photo of her sister in Baltimore, MD, hanging on the wall in the living room. She had it in a nice frame right on the wall for all to see. One night right before it got dark my Mother was sitting in her favorite chair and was talking about her sister (Sandy). She was explaining to me that she couldn't stop thinking her sister all day and she was going to call her before she went to bed that evening.

As soon as she said that, the photo fell off the wall and the glass in the frame must have gone into a thousand pieces all over the floor. The first thing my Mother did when it fell was she picked up the phone and started to make a call. I ask her who she was calling as I was carrying a broom and dust pan into the room to clean the broken glass up off the floor. My Mother informed me that when a photo falls off a wall that usally means that whoever the photo was of has just died and she wanted to call and make sure her sister was ok.

She dialed and then hung up saying that her sister's line was busy. As soon as my Mother finished telling me that our phone rang and my Mother answered it and she began to cry. After she hung up from the phone call she told me that it was a call about her sister. It seems he sister was at her home and suffered a stroke and fell down the stairs and died. It was not the stroke that killed her but instead it was the head injuries she had received from the fall.

I never was very superstitious but still after that, I do not hang photos of loved ones on any wall.

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  1. I would, it seems like a good way to get the news first, but I would leave off putting glass in the frame or use the safety kind.