Friday, June 4, 2010

Toby the angel

This one is in from Donna in Littlestown, PA.
A few years ago. My best friend became very Ill and was in the hospital for about eight weeks. She had some rare lung condition is all I was told. During her stay in the hospital she was very ill. Then one night, she stated showing signs of improvement real small subtle signs of improvement. This had the doctors, her family and myself very excited because each day she seemed to get a little bit better.

Now my friend was restricted to her hospital bed. The doctors told her she was way to weak to be out of bed at all. One day the nurse told her Mother she saw Jenny come out of her room and start running down the hall. Once the nurse caught her and had her back in bed she told the other nurses and doctor that Jenny seemed so strong and fit and that it was very strange to have someone with this lung condition to be able to walk much less run down a hallway. The doctor agreed and he ordered a mild sedative to keep jenny a bit more calmer and said that if she got out of bed again he could order her restrained for medical reasons because she really needed to get all the rest she could. (I am sorry guys but I was never told the name of this lung condition) The doctor said he could if needed put her on a stronger sedative to make sure she would not get out of bed.

Over the next weak jenny did stay in bed but she started yelling at everyone and the nurse and doctor caught her on a few occasions talking to as she put it a young man named Toby. Now the strange thing was this... There was absolutely NO other person in her room when these things occurred. jenny was starting to just go bonkers for some reason or at least that is what we all thought. the doctor even had a mental health professional come talk with Jenny and all her meds were gone over to see if they could cause her to have this friend named Toby that really did not exist and the mental health official stated there was nothing wrong with Jenny as far as mental health went. jenny's meds were all given the OK to continue use of. However, she just seemed to get worse as far as her mental health.

One night at about 2 am jenny rang for the nurse and when the nurse went into the room ,Jenny told her to make sure and let Toby in when he came to see her. the nurse played along thinking she might get some information about this friend called Toby that, as I said ...did not really exist. except in Jenny's mind. Jenny told he nurse that Toby was an angel and that he was coming to take her to heaven that very day. The nurse told Jenny that she was improving and if she listened to what the doctors were telling her then she would know she was improving and soon she would be healthy enough to go home. Jenny said she was going home to her real home with Toby. The nurse told Jenny to stop talking like that and walked out of the room. 5AM jenny's emergency alarm that was hooked up to her went off. The nurses and a doctor all ran into Jenny's room. Her heart had stopped and she of course was not breathing. All attempts to bring Jenny back failed and she was pronounced dead.

A few days after Jenny died and to this very day the nurses and patients that go into the room that was jenny's during her hospital stay hear a young mans voice saying that Jenny is now ok. What I find strange is that jenny was the only one who could ever see or hear Toby. Now that she is gone, even patients who never knew Jenny hear Toby saying she is OK.

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