Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dowsing for Water

This willow branch found on the Photo dictionary site, is a suitable dowsing rod, one would usually remove the leaves to make it easier to handle, but this is not necessary to make it into a good Y shaped dowsing rod.

While I was still living in Norway, I had a chance to visit and watch my friend TJ in Vadsø show me how she could do dowsing for water using either a Y shaped willow twig or two L shaped bent iron rods, after 50 years as a water finder she got this down to an art.

She told me how when she was a young girl the family tested her and her brothers to see whom would be able to help look for water for their farm, by using a willow twig shaped as a Y only her and one of her brothers gave any response when doing this type of dowsing, she also told me that she has tried different types of wood, and found that the young fresh cut off twig of a willow bush work the best for as a branch based dowsing tool, but she could do much more with metal rods, oh and that dry twigs do not work.

TJ has helped different villages, friends and family build wells with her dowsing ability, and I would not believed how well she could do this unless I had witness this myself. She even give the directions of the water under ground, if it's still, running, how much of it and how deep one would need to dig to reach it. Explaining that the rods are affected by the magnetic currents of the water, causing the willow rod to point down at water, and the metal rods cross or opens up in a W, it also work on other things, like finding people, or determine strong magnetic field in your home. TJ also told me that not everybody would be able to do dowsing, some seem to be totally unable to do so while others are born naturally talented.

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  1. Back in the 70s when my son was about ten, he had been reading a book on paranormal phenonama and decided to try dousing. He made his own rods from a couple of coat hangers then went about the house and located all the underground water pipes. The electric company had recently marked all the underground utilities so he had a friend blindfold him and he was able to find them all. My husband did not believe in this sort of thing so he was discouraged from further study.
    Later my mother told me that my father had this ability. His family would hide gold coins in the yard and let him find them. I remember that his brother, my uncle, though both physically and mentally challenged, was very psychic. He knew that things were going to happen before hand. And when family members were hurt even though he had no contact with them.
    Now that I am away from the skeptics in my family I am discovering that I have many paranormal talents including the ability to douse. I often have trouble accepting my strengths as fact as I still here those family voices in my head saying that it is just my imagination. Blogs like this are very validating for me. And yes, though I think most people have these abilities but are turned off to them, some of have inherited a larger dose.

  2. Does dowsing actually work?


    This is just a little bit of nostalgia from my childhood that I thought my add further to your mention of Dowsing for Water.

    I can remember playing with dowsing as a child but in those days they would be referred to as water diviners. I have used bamboo sticks the Y of a small branch and even used a chopped wire coat hanger.

    A more adventurous attempt of a home made one involved two old wooden cotton reels and folded ends of the chopped wire coat hangers feeding down the centre hole.

    I can only ever remember using them for playing games involving the search for water. This was because I was never told you could find other things with them.

    So for me at this time you used them to find water and nothing else.

    I can remember that they appeared to work very well but never really understood why. It was my grandfather who taught me how to use them.

    He was born in Poland and owned a ranch there prior to the Second World War.

    I was seven years old at the time when he taught me how to use them. He told me that he used them to locate hidden water on his land when he lived in Poland.

    He claimed that he was even able to determine the strength and flow of the water and this allowed him to decide on the best source amongst many of the water sources he’d located. When he was satisfied that the water source was reliable he could then sink a Well.

    It all seemed a bit pointless at the time as I asked him why he didn't go in the house and use the water tap like I did.

    He said that they didn't have water taps in those days and he got very annoyed when I asked him how he washed his hands.

    Soon forgiven he showed me exactly what to do. He said think of water and I did but after polishing off a large glass of orange squash earlier I found myself legs crossed dashing to the toilet.

    On my return he said walk and when the rods cross stop as water is beneath you and when I looked down I was standing in a puddle of water outside in my slippers. He said you can also use the Y of a small branch and the pointy end will pull down.

    He also said remember to hold the end of each rod or branch between my thumb and forefinger as this made it more sensitive.

    Very strangely they suddenly refused to find water when mum said its bath time and hey you can check out that water thingy of yours.

    People use dowsing rods and dowsing crystals sometimes referred to as pendulums to find allsorts of things nowadays.

    This is the point when I end my little piece of nostalgia and pass this subject on to other members who know more about the use of dowsing rods and crystals than I do.



    Believe the impossible it's probably true!

    "nonnullus qu lema firtivus neus porcus"

    © nostalgia: "Emotion is the sum of all beings say’s © and to help remember this adds, think of it as energy in motion (Emotion)"

  3. I thought I would add a comment on water dousing. I grew up in Lancaster Penna USA around the Penna. Dutch. They are very good at water witching. They use the y shape willow branch with great success and have found water for wells many times.
    I had a chance to be with a dowser when he found water. I ask if I could try it. He showed me how to hold the two ends of the willow branch. When I passed over the water the end of the branch dipped down and I had a hard time holding the ends of the branch. I tried this method several other places and found that their method works very well and is quit accurate.