Saturday, July 31, 2010

Guardian Angel

Kongsbakken High School on-top of the hill,
the concrete steps are in the very left part of this picture

This happened one cold October morning in downtown Tromsø, Norway. I learned an important lesson this day, to never try to use a outdoors stair with nothing to grab onto if the steps happen to be slippery, the Kongsbakken stairs are now upgraded with railings on both sides, at least in the upper half, making them safer but still very dangerous to use when covered by invisible ice.

This all happened as I was taken totally off-guard unaware of the invisible layer of ice that covered the steps from top to bottom. When I realized my mistake it was already too late, my speed down to the next step escalated, to my surprise I did not lose my balance and continued to the next step, for each just at the point of losing my balance it felt like something was there with me pushing me back whenever i was about to fall backwards, and thug me just enough to prevent me from falling forward or to either side, step by step all the way down the long steps with no way of slowing down, startled I looked up wondering how I was able to pass this ordeal not falling for so many steps in a row. Reaching the first flat midsection my hope increased of being able to stop, but no my speed was to high and I slid right over to the next section of steps. I am amazed that my feet could move that fast, they never skipped a step and I actually managed to get down to the larger flat section where the steps is crossed by a path, and continued down on the side of the steps for the rest of the hill this was one of my most bizarre and scary experiences.

When I think about it I have never broken a single bone in my body, and I very rarely fall when walking on even the most dangerous ice, think this is because of being protected, and that we all have our personal guardian angels that help us out when possible.

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