Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Haunted Farm House

Back about thirty years ago in Gettysburg, Pa when I was just starting to explore the paranormal, a friend of mine was a noted paranormal investigator in the area. Although, back then, the paranormal field was very small and not a very popular field to get into or at least in my area of the country it wasn't. At any rate, my friend invited myself and another friend of mine to go on an investigation with him and a few of his colleagues. This farmhouse that we were to help investigate was owned by my investigators friend's family from way back long before the battle of Gettysburg. Now this house was not on the battlefield as we know it today but was close to it.

My investigator friend (Frank) was very eager to go into this farm house and try to find out at-least some of what was reported to be going on there. One particular hot and humid Friday evening in the middle of August, Frank and his 4 man crew and my friend and I drove to the property and back the Long Lane to his family's farm house that had not been occupied for over 50 years. Even though it was nine in the evening and dark, you could tell that the farm house was in bad shape. As we entered the house with our recorders, cameras, flash lights and, lanterns, we all decided to stay together in the house and not spread out. The inside of the house was all cob webs and smelled moldy.

In the kitchen area of the house or at least where and old time stove was, there was a cellar door one that opened up when you lifted it up. and that was about it for that area. off from the kitchen was a sitting room and  there was a wooden chair in that room and a small table that was really in bad shape. and an old, what looked like what used to be a rug. The upstairs was just two rooms a large one that was the master bedroom and a much smaller room. As we were in the kitchen area I swear to you, the cellar door would at times open just a bit by itself and slam shut. We had a hard time getting upstairs due to the steps rotting and breaking but, we made it up there anyway. The smaller bed room was pretty much intact and nothing much seem to happen there. However, in the master bedroom. it was cold and this was in the middle of August and there was a feeling of fright, despair, and sadness. My friend and I and two of the crew got a very sick in our stomachs and had to leave the area right away.

We headed back down stairs and we all saw the cellar door open and slam shut a few more times and that was it for my friend and I. We went and waited in the car until the rest of the crew and Frank came out. it only took about two minutes for them to leave after we did.

The very next day while researching the farm house, we all discovered that back many years ago, the family that lived there was murdered. A man and his wife and a small child. There bodies were reportedly buried in the cellar.   

Frank always knew that there was a family murdered there but he didn't know exactly when or why. We all knew that when we went in but we never expected to feel the fright and sadness and despair we all felt in the master bedroom and to this day I feel that the cellar door was opening and slamming shut because the bodies were buried in the cellar. That my friends is what spiked my interest in the paranormal.

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