Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Stormy Dream

Several years ago my mother told me about a dream she had and, that it worried her. She stated that in the dream our house was destroyed by a storm and that she wasn't sure if anyone in the family survived. I listened to her as she told me all about it. However, I didn't worry about it too much as my mother, sweet and awesome as she was, always was one to worry.

About 3 nights after she told me about her dream I was not spending the night at home and my father was at his graveyard shift job about 20 miles away from our home. That night, there was a tornado (we almost never had tornadoes in our part of Pa.) However, that night there was one and needless to say it touched down in our yard and our house was destroyed. Except for the one room my mother and the poodle were in. My mom was asleep in her room and the poodle was with her and it was the only room that was still standing of our house.

As soon as I heard the news on the radio the next morning I jumped in my car and rushed to our house but a mile away I could drive any further due to trees across the road so I walked the rest of the way. As I approached our house, all i could see was downed trees and parts of our house and the neighbors house strewn all over the place, I looked at our house and saw that only one room was still standing and it was my parents bedroom. I ran up to what was left of the house, my heart beating wildly and trying to see anything that would let me know that my mother was still alive. there were emergency crews all over the place as well as police cars. One of the paramedics told me there was a lady trapped inside the house. I looked in the window and saw my mother and the poodle sitting on her bed.

It took what seemed like forever to get my mother and the poodle free from the twisted mess that use to be a house but when they were finally able to free my mother and, after a medical check was done to assure she was OK, my mother was taken by police car to my older brothers house and I followed in my car.

later that night I was talking to my mother and she looked at me and told me that she tried to warn me about it because she saw it in her dream a few nights before. I never again doubted my mother's ability to tell of  impending danger  by way of her dreams and to be honest, it was truly not the last time she knew of something before the event took place.

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