Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Wade Massacre in Idaho

This one is in from Christi, it's an experience she had while working in Idaho more than a decade ago. Thank you so very much for sharing.

I was living and working in Idaho back in the mid-90's and was driving my company truck between Boise and Caldwell. I looked over into an alfalfa field and saw about five covered wagons. I pulled over to take a look since the area wasn't far from the old Oregon Trail.  

As I watched, the women and children came out of the wagons and began to run toward the cottonwood trees along the creek. There were men under the wagons firing their rifles just as fast as they could. I saw, what looked to be, Blackfoot or Shoshone warriors emerge from the trees and charge the wagons. The battle ensued and I saw one woman and a couple of kids actually make it to the trees. The firing stopped and the native people faded back into the tree line.  I drove on and continued my day. 

A few days later, I mentioned the incident to a friend that is a native of the area.  He took me a country mile around to the back side of the creek on an old dirt road and showed me a brass plaque that talked about the Wade Massacre.  Seems that I had a front row seat to the event that happened over 100 years prior. 

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  1. If person is at the right time, and right conditions, and the place. Thing have been seen like this all over the country, well lets all over the world.
    Gettysburg is a real good place for that. Some places people not only saw what was happening, but also heard musket and cannon fire.