Friday, July 9, 2010

A Blessing from my dead Mother-in-Law to be

Photo by PJ 2007

I had never met my mother in law, since she passed away a few years prior to meeting my significant other. This happened in his hometown of Gettysburg, Pa.

During my second night staying there with my soon husband to be, I got this dream that his mother came to the bedroom, she spoke to me in my dream, and appeared to me as I had seen her on his family pictures. The dream was brief as she told me her full name, including her middle name which no one had ever told me, she said how happy I made her feel, seeing that her son had found the one he would be with, and told me that she was so proud of me, and that she knew I was the right one for her son, the final words was to watch over her baby boy, and she leaned forward and gave me kiss on the cheek, and a hug.

At this instant I woke up, I felt the spot on my cheek that she kissed me at, and It felt like I had really been given a hug. I told my fiancé what I had just experienced that night and shared the message and the full name she had given me to let her know it was really her. He looked at me with disbelief in his eyes but he soon accepted what I shared with him because there was no doubt in my soul that this was really the blessing for our marriage from his diseased mother.

Later that same day we visited her grave, and I got this feeling of inner peace, I think this was my mother-in-law touching my soul again, confirming the dream and for giving our respect at her resting place.

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  1. This truly touched my Heart...tears streaming down my face. This is so familiar, as my Mother passed in 1996 and has visited many times, in many ways. Dreams are just one beautiful way and your words are like a conformation to me.I was married at the time of my Mothers death. She loved my wife (Sharon) very much. Sharon and I divorced in 2000. It about killed me. She is truly my Soulmate. As of January, we got back together. I guess the reason this hit me so hard is I never realized how happy my Mother must be too. I'm sure she knows. I have not really felt her presence until lately, especially now reading your words... so strong, so true. Still crying. Thank you, ~Jay Black