Saturday, July 10, 2010

June 2008 - The Shining - Book of Luck

Photo of The Shining by PJ 2011

I just got this e-mailed to me from Sarah in Boston, Massachusetts, after reading the story about the possessed role play game book, she felt compelled to share her own book related experience with us.

This happened to me back in 2008, because my mother was too ill to work and my salary was not enough to pay everything for both of us we were $400 short to pay our monthly rent. I felt depressed, but since I have always loved books, I thought maybe it would cheer me up some by walking over to the second-hand bookstore across the street from our apartment. While I was checking out a shelf I felt drawn to a book that looked brand new, it was protected by a plastic wrapping, but the style was older, it was a book I already knew well, The Shining by Stephen King, who happens to be one of my favorite authors.

When I examined it closer I noticed it said, "A new novel by the author of CARRIE and 'SALEM'S LOT" which got me thinking excitingly, hey that cannot be TRUE, this is NOT a NEW novel, AND the cover is different on than The Shining that I READ before. I could not find any pricing on the book so I decided to ask how much it was, to my surprise, the young clerk told me that he would sell it to me for $10, just what I had on me at the moment. So I seized the moment and bought the since I had a suspicion that this might be a first edition book, still unopened and in mint condition.

When I got home I checked it out and got it confirmed that this was really a first edition of "The Shining" from 1977 the very same year that I was born, I did not hesitate and placed it up on e-bay for online auction, I was overwhelmed by happiness when the auction ended at $501, enough to cover the rest of my rent and have some left to take care of my mother. Soon I was contacted about a new better paid job, and I truly believe that all these sudden events of luck came with the book as an answer to our prayers.

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