Friday, July 30, 2010

Animal Affinity

Photo by PJ, Honolulu, Hawaii 2005

This is from PJ in Honolulu, Hawaii,
I do not know what makes some seem to have a natural talent with animals, or as I like to put it, animal affinity, perhaps animals sense something beyond our normal human ones, the one thing I do know is that I have always had a way with animals of every kind, they seem to instantly trust me both wild and tame alike. Something very similar to this is Animal Links. Social Affinity or Empathy is also similar but instead deal with humans social interactions.

Like when I was about seven years old I remember my parents had been struggling for a good while with one of our young extremely stubborn cows, she refused to move in any way and it did not matter how much my mother and father pleaded, tried to scare her, pushed, prodded or pulled, she would not budge one single inch. Then when they had a break before getting ready to try again I went ahead, grabbed a handful of green leaves and held it in front of her, her eyes lit up, peaked with interest of what I might have in my hand, as I moved backwards she followed willingly into the fenced area.

This ability has made it possible for me to experience wild animals up close, like when I was visiting my grandmother back in Norway and a fox spiked by curiosity came all the way up to me and I knew it was not going to do any harm. In Hawaii I experienced the extremely skittish mongooses curiously stopping by to check out my shoes while walking home, and I was just keeping my normal walking pace, just stopping when the mongoose came up right in front of me. 
Since I did not have my camera with me that 
day provided this mongoose photo from 

No later than two days ago I had the opportunity to relocate a gecko that had found its way into our 8th floor apartment, usually geckos are quite skittish, and when my room mate had tried to catch it earlier it was running around like crazy, the gecko had settled on-top of a note-wheel as I approached it it did not budge so I went ahead picked up the note-wheel, placed it outside our room door on the floor and told it to wait there until i got my shoes on and was ready to carry it out, closed the door and returned a few minutes later and it was still there on-top of the note wheel, I picked it gently up and it kept a keen eye on me as i carried into the elevator and down outside into the grass.

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