Monday, July 12, 2010

The Magic Music Box

This is in from Marion in Fort Worth, Texas.

I had an aunt who had a wonderful old time music box. It was one of the types with a wind-up key and when you wind it up it will play music for several minutes. Since most ladies had a music box to keep their jewelry and forget-me-nots, and my aunt was no exception. She played the music box everyday and my uncle and cousin and a few other people would tease my aunt saying that if she did not stop playing it as often as she would wear it out long before his time. She would just smile and continue to run the key and listen to beautiful music.

Five months ago my aunt died. She died in her bed and her last wish was to hear her beloved music box. I took it over to her side, and when I went to wind it up for her, it started playing music before I was done winding it up. I put it next to her and put her hand on the box, and kissed her on the forehead. She smiled and then she was gone.

My uncle and cousin thought it would be good to bury the Music Box with her so that she could always listen to beautiful music for all eternity, so that the Music Box went to the grave with her. Now, five months later, when I go to the house my aunt lived in I hear the Music Box. Not only do I hear it, but also my cousin and uncle do so too, just like many other people who have been to the house after my aunt died. The pastor noted that he heard the music when he was checking on my uncle and cousin after my aunt died. This has been going on for the last 3 months. I think that my aunt is in heaven, and she looks down and look over the house and family. I think this because, none of us feel fear, when we hear the music, in fact, it gives everyone a safe, peaceful and secure feeling.

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