Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pregnancy Precognitions

Illustration from the body first Pregnancy site:

Hello everybody this is Nina, since I send in so many stories, I have been given guest account access. Anyway back to topic I have always had this special connection with pregnancies, I know when someone is pregnant even if I have not met them in a decade, or even across the Globe.

Back a few years ago one of my associate professors in Tromsø, Norway, was pregnant, and while holding our Friday lecture, she was excitingly telling us that she would give birth in about 4 weeks, and how everything was going so well with her baby, at that instant I looked at her and got this feeling, no he won't he is going to be born before the end of this weekend she never told us the sex of the baby either, then on Monday we got a surprise substitute teacher in because she had to be rushed to the hospital, the Saturday evening, and gave birth to the healthy baby boy Sunday morning.

Another time some friends of mine were having a baby birth raffle, and they wanted me to pick out a date on the calender too, this was 3 months before her estimated date for her pregnancy, after some time I finally went ahead and picked the date, 21st of April, which was about 3 week too early according to the estimates. Not surprisingly thats the date her baby boy was born.

The last of my many pregnancy precognitions that I going to share with you happened about 5 years ago. Out of the blue I got this feeling that my cousin in Sweden was pregnant, she has always been somewhat of a psychic too so when I got a email from her asking if I was doing OK (I was sick) I replied asking how the pregnancy was coming along, in her reply I got confirmed that indeed she was pregnant, the doctor had just confirmed it to her the day before, and that she had not even told her boyfriend about it yet. 

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