Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Prayer Rock

 Photo by PJ 2010

My Mother carried with her a small rock that is placed in a small cloth sack and tied shut with a silk ribbon. I can remember when I was just a little boy of 5 years old or maybe 7 years old I kept seeing this sack and sometimes when we would leave the house I would see my mother slip it into her purse. One day I remember asking Mom just what it was. She also told me that someday it would be mine.

I didn't pay to much attention to her words about it because as a child all I saw was a small rock. At that age I had a very hard time thinking that a rock could make any difference in my life. However, Later my Mom told me that the rock was blessed by an angel. Now how that came about and how my mother knew that it had been blessed by an angel I do not know. Mom just always seemed to know that.

As I grew up my mom started to have serious health problems and ended up in the hospital several times. To make a long story short, each time the doctors said she would not make it due to her diseased and very weak heart. However, each time my mother went to the hospital I grabbed her prayer rock and took it out and started praying for her recovery. My mother had a love for life and I didn't want her to die young, so when this started to happen she was only in her 50's and each time she went to the hospital her heart was weaker then the last time.

It seemed like the prayers and the prayer rock worked. As my mother did recover and lived to be 80 years old before she passed on. I now have the prayer rock, as she said I would and believe me there has been many many times that I have used it.

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  1. When I was living in Apache Junction Arizona I would go to the foot hills of the Superstition Mt's. There was an old Shaman who lived in tent on BLM land. In a short time he became very well known in the area for his wisdom kindness and healing powers. When people went out to see him they would bring him a bag of food and spend time with him.
    One day I had a blinding headake I could not get rid of for days,so I gathered up a bag of food and headed out to the old Sherman's camp. I told him what my problem was and could he help me. He went into his tent and came back out with a leather pouch with stones in it. He told me they were medicine stones and had been prayed over for 90 days. He opened the pouch and selected a stone, It was two tone green, light and dark. He told me to clear my mind an concentrate on the stone. As I did it looked like the colors started to swirl around. When they stopped my headache was gone

  2. Thank you for sharing this, It brightened my morning.