Saturday, April 17, 2010

Foresight - The Ability of Precognition

Photo by TJ of the road outside of Vadsø

This is a compelling true story from TJ in Norway, She have shared several occasions with me, when she experienced precognition, that kept her out of harms way in near accidents.

This one time she came home from Vadsø, Norway, after driving, she told us that and had experienced a foresight, while driving on a known dangerous road turn with limited visibility due to a large cliff, she had a sudden feeling that something was not right just around the next turn, and that she needed to slow down in order to avoid an accident. As she did around the cliff were two cars involved in a collision, and had she been driving at normal speed she would been unable to avoid crashing right into both of them. Just one of many similar foresights that kept her safe while driving or walking.

Another example of foresight that TJ shared with me happened back years ago, long before cell phones existed, when her husband and his brothers were out on a fishing trip and were caught in a unexpected storm. The other spouses were very worried, and when they noticed how calm TJ was, and they wondered how she could stay so calm when her husband was out caught in the storm. She calmly told them that she felt that they were not in any harm, and that they would all return home in about 15 minutes, and right on the clock there they all returned safely just like she predicted.

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  1. How great to know that you have such wonderful timing for your "sights".

  2. I’ve often wondered about these premonitions are these of internal or external origin? That is to say is it entirely self determined or are we just being told by some other force. I am 51 now but when I was 11 years old I was walking home from school it was a hot sunny afternoon and quite humid as I walked up that hill on my own on this occasion. Then all of a sudden I heard a loud clear voice as if from nowhere there was nobody that I could see as I looked around . This caused me to stop in my tracks outside this house part way up the hill. I didn’t know the people that lived in this house non of my friends lived there. The voice said clearly one day you are going to live in that house no way I thought to myself it’s just the same as all the other houses in the road and for me I dreamed of a successful life of riches with a big mansion and a flash car. Anyway many years later after being happily married for quite a while sadly our relationship broke down and a divorce was finalised. I received some money from the sale of the family home and was now busy working very hard away in various places. I was trying to buy a new property to be near my mum and dad but didn’t have much time as a result of my business commitments. Fortunately my youngest sister helped out and checked out a lot of properties whilst I was away. There was nothing really suitable for a while that I could afford and many properties seemed to disappear sold very quickly as the area is quite sort after. One day my sister happened to be driving in the area when she noticed a house for sale with the board just being put in as she passed and it hadn’t yet been advertised. This house was within my budget and suitable according to my sister who had arranged for me to have an evening viewing for when I finished work. I got back really tired and my sister slipped me the address on a piece of paper I had no picture of the property as it hadn’t yet been advertised in the paper. I drove to the house and to my utmost shock it was that same house that I was told that I would live in all those years ago. I lived there for quite awhile but to what purpose it served I do not know? This is not an isolated incident I have had many more experiences that are similar as regards premonitions and others of a different nature that I still find hard to come to terms with. I must say that it is good to read about those who are fortunate in sight to avoid danger but as to where the information comes from is always going to be a big question for most people.

  3. Done, and thank you so very much for your post.