Monday, April 19, 2010


This one in from Danny in Maryland
I was always a happy go lucky type of kid. I Never really gave much thought to anything that could be considered paranormal. I guess I just always figured everything happened for a reason and that was that. One day right after my 18th birthday that all changed.

Two days before my 18th birthday I was walking with my friend Mike on a street in Baltimore, Maryland, the city my friend and I both lived in. A strange sort of homeless looking lady walked up to me on the street and said to me "in 4 days your life will change. You will suffer a very sad tragedy but shortly after that you will become very rich and your life from that day on will change for the good".

I didn't care for this lady, who I did not know nor did I like that fact that she approached us on the street. I didn't want to sound rude to her so, I just said. "Really? Well what about my friend (Mike) here with me? Any good fortune for him too?" She looked at me with sadness in her eyes and told us that we would part ways very soon and unexpectedly. We both laughed and told this lady we had to go so we left, leaving her standing there on the street.

My friend, Mike and I continued up the street and went into a store to get a few things we needed for a party, at the store I also bought a scratch off lottery ticket. Mike and I then went to my place and put the party goods away and I laid the lottery ticket on the desk downstairs. And forgot about it. Two days later we had the party and Mike had to work but he assured me he would arrive at the party as soon as his work shift was over.

My parents and sister and younger brother and several cousins, aunts & uncles were all at this party as were many of the friends that knew my family and of course they knew Mike. As you can probably tell Mike and I were best friend since early childhood. For many years you would hardly ever see one of us unless you saw both of us. Only one other person besides Mike was not at the party yet and that was his older sister as she would arrive with Mike.

The party was in full swing and I felt like I needed some air so I went out side. Once outside I wondered where Mike was and why he was not here yet. I then heard sirens from a few streets over and to be honest, I got this scared, uneasy, nervous, feeling in the pit of my stomach. I made up my mind that if Mike was not there in another 20 minutes I would go looking for him. I went back into the house to join the party and talk with relatives I have not seen in a good while.

Keeping an eye on the time I saw where 20 minutes was up and still no Mike or his sister. I excused myself from a conversation I was having with my aunt and ran upstair to my room to get my jacket. As I was heading up the stairs I heard the phone ring. I continued going to my room to get my jacket and then headed back down stairs to leave and go look for Mike. My parents met me at the bottom of the stairs and they both had a look of horror on their faces. My Mom explained to me that the phone call was from Mike's mother and sister and that Mike had been invloved in a traffic accident and his mom and sister were requesting me to come to the hospital because it did not look good for Mike.

My parents drove me to the hospital as I held back my tears. My best friend was in a bad way and needed him to make it, to survive so all could be ok again. once at the hospital, I broke out crying as Mike's sister ran up to me sobbing and telling me that mike was on his way to pick her up so they could be at my party and he lost control of his car and went across the road and hit another car. Through my tears I tried to calm her down telling her that it would be ok and Mike would get better and he would be ok. I took her out side to try to calm her down and down the hallway I once again saw this lady who said i would be rich. I yelled at her to stop but she walked around the corner and I ran to the corner and as I rounded it I saw she had just vanished. Mike's sister and I returned to his room and I took his hand and kissed his forehead, telling him I needed my best friend and to please get better. 15 minutes later Mike died.

About 2 months later my Mother found the lottery ticket behind the desk as she was cleaning. She asked if it were mine and I just held out my hand not really wanting it but it was one of the last things Mike and I did together was buy that ticket. I scratched off the ticket and it was indeed a million dollar winner. I gave half the money to Mike's family as a tribute to my best friend.

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  1. This happens in the world of the paranormal. The lady was a physic see-er, They can look at you and get a glimpse into you future.She more that likely had better physic power than a Gypsy fortune teller. She could see that you would win on the lottery,and her sad look at your friend Mike,She had seen that he was going to die.
    That was a very noble act of friend ship. It was the last thing that you and Mike did together. It is good to see that there are people left in this world that will put friend ship before money.
    God bless you and keep you safe.