Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Grandmother and Grandchild

This story is aslo avaliable in Norwegian (trykk for Bestemor og Barnebarn)

One of the most intriguing accounts of a ghost or spirit came from a lady I worked with several years ago. What made her account of what she thought was her mother-in law's spirit was the fact that this very well educated and religious lady did not believe in any kind of paranormal situation at all.

To her, when you died your spirit left your body and went straight to heaven and that was that. Now, this woman had a huge heart and showed kindness to everyone and she was not judgmental of others at all. She just did not believe in spirits, ghosts or anything along those lines.

One day at work she asked to talk to me alone. When we went outside to talk she looked white as snow and her story began. She had a sister in law who was about to give birth. The sister- in - law was giving birth at home with the help of a mid wife due to the fact that the pregnant girls mother was dying from cancer and was bed ridden at home. She wanted to give birth at home so the baby's grandmother might be able to see her grandchild before she passed on. Well try as she did, she didn't make it and the poor woman died exactly one hour before her grandchild was born. So as you can guess the baby was born an hour after the woman's death. However, something strange happened next. After the midwife got the baby all cleaned up and did all the things a mid wife does in a birth situation, they put the new born baby in it's bassinet. Everyone who was there at the time of the birth was in the room where the bassinet was.

The lady that I worked with was there she looked up and saw a purple haze come from the far corner of the ceiling and it as she put it, the purple haze just floated around the room and got above the baby's bassinet and just stayed there for two or three minutes and then it moved away and went back to the corner of the celling and disappeared and was never seen again. This woman asked me if I thought it could have been the grandmother of the baby seeing the baby one time before she had to go. Knowing that the grand mother really wanted to see that baby before she died and that her body just gave up and she did die before the baby was born, I was almost positive that is what had taken place. She just smiled and went back to work and later that day she told me that was now a believer in the after life.

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  1. Thats a amazing story.It goes to show the love a grandmother has for her grand children and how God will let there soul remailn long enough to grant them that last wish.Thank you for sharing this with us.Mike

  2. Now that lady really loves her grandchild and it shows that she really wanted to be a grandmother. Danijela Gilanji