Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Lost Wedding-band

This event happened on our two year anniversary when my wedding-band mysteriously showed up in our cup-board one year after it disappeared.

I had looked everywhere for that ring, and it was nowhere to be found, then on the very wedding-day while I was doing the dishes as usual, in front of the glasses right there it was, it would been impossible to miss it and my spouse swear he had not seen it either before I came running into the living-room with the lost wedding-band.

We had no guests over either, and not even the neighbors or our landlord knew the date of our wedding day. Just another mysterious event experienced in our home in Tromsø, Norway, it was also just one of many items that disappeared and mysteriously reappeared while living there.

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  1. I've had that happen numerous times as well. It began when I lived in Eagle, Idaho and has happened everywhere I've lived after that. I attribute mine to a spirit I've nicknamed, Buddy. He is a bit of a prankster. I've managed to find my sneakers in two different cars after having taken them off in my house. My husband finds that Buddy will torment him as well when he's feeling a bit down.

  2. on my own knowledge this are the doings of what we call elves which is living along side our home or shall we say in their homes cuz they were the first to occupy the place before we humans arrived...their a lot of kinds of elves some are good some are bad and a lot of them are playful they like jewelries and gold stuff but most of them are very nice they will even help you in your daily tasks at home :)